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WABSE Committees

Curriculum and Advocacy.

​In keeping with our mission, our committees seek to supplement educational experiences for students and advocate for comprehensive reform to include Black history in the NYS curriculum k – 12.
Missing from the NYS curriculum is teaching and learning about:

  • The rich history of our descendants and the people of Africa
  • The African Diaspora and the making of the Americas
  • Slavery and its enduring legacy

In addition, WABSE educators seek professional development and ongoing support for best practices in:

  • Anti-racism education
  • Cultural responsive education
  • Educational justice

Join our committee as we re-imagine supplemental programs that focus on Black History and educational reform state wide. If you are interested, please contact us.


Fundraising /Event Planning

Whether we are soliciting for the annual scholarship fund, having a WABSE tag sale, organizing a step show or hosting a party, this committee seeks to raise funds to support graduating seniors throughout Westchester, as they prepare for the financial burden of college. ​If you are interested, please contact us.



Annually, we give scholarships to graduating seniors of African descent in high schools throughout Westchester. We present these scholarships at Senior Awards ceremonies. Members of WABSE solicit scholarship applications from eligible students in their districts and this committee selects awardees. ​If you are interested, please contact us.


Parent Outreach

In order to promote success for all students, parent involvement is a key element. We are a resource for parents and we are committed to supporting communications between the school and the home. This committee creates ways to achieve this goal. ​If you are interested, please contact us.



We are an alliance of educators, both retired and active, as well as professionals in related fields including; psychologists, social workers, children’s services coordinators, community based organizations, politicians and political workers, to name a few. We invite anyone who educates or is interested in the education of children in Westchester to join us.


Public Relations

If you are affiliated with a graduate program in Education and would like to introduce your colleagues or student body to WABSE, please contact us or leave your comments on the blog. This committee would like to visit with you and share the many opportunities there are to become involved with WABSE.



Part of our mission is to support the education of students in Westchester. One of the ways that this is done is to provide information through workshops on a myriad of topics:

  • Supporting students with special needs
  • Preparing for college entrance examinations
  • Academic interventions and assessments

If you are interested, please contact us.


Student Outreach

Whether we are involving students in our events, mentoring, recognizing their achievements or simply providing a role model in the academic environment, WABSE and this committee focuses on solutions to the unique problems our students face. ​If you are interested, please contact us.